Our guides are locals who know Ascension Bay like a neighborhood. They’re familiar with the tides, wind and wave fluctuations, and how they all affect where and when to fish within the Bay. Many years of experience come into play when you head out on the water: Where particular fish species are generally available, how to approach these areas without disturbing fish, helping an angler understand just how to present and strip the chosen fly for the species at hand, and sighting fish, even in poor light conditions.

Add the willingness to spend time explaining the characteristics of bays, ‘canals’ between the mangroves, and flats so you’re completely prepared for what’s coming up, and you have the formula for a successful day in the Bay.

Ascension Bay Lodge guides mugging for the camera

ABL provides experienced local guides who have worked for the lodge at least several years. Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and patient, these guys know their stuff. Feel free to ask questions, then apply the answers for solid success during your time on the water.